ELE Mirador de Santa Ana Hotel

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Paseo de la estación, 2, avila  Ávila  (Ávila)
Telephone: 920 33 18 38Email: r.santaana@elehoteles.es
The ELE Mirador de Santa Ana Hotel in Ávila is located in an exceptional destination, close to the region’s main points of interest. Some highlights include the Convent of San José, the Cathedral of Ávila, the Basilica of San Vicente and the Royal Monastery of Santo Tomás. A safe bet for cultural tourism in one of the most historic cities in Spain. What’s more, with our location in the heart of the city, you’ll find various restaurants and leisure establishments right on our doorstep.
ELE Mirador de Santa Ana HotelELE Mirador de Santa Ana Hotel


  • Real Monasterio de Santo TomásSe encuentra a 0.63km del hotel
  • Estacion de autobuses de ÁvilaSe encuentra a 0.64km del hotel
  • Ayuntamiento de ÁvilaSe encuentra a 0.95km del hotel
  • Torreon de los GuzmanesSe encuentra a 1.07km del hotel
  • Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airportSe encuentra a 96.51km del hotel

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